CSoIP - Reliable, Secure and Flexible Voice Communication System

CSoIP. It provides a highly reliable radio-telephone-intercom integrated solution running over secure IP architecture

Strengthened by expertise in VoIP for nearly 10 years and its active involvement in development of new standard ED 137, CS has designed the product CSoIP (Communication & Security over IP), its new full IP Voice Communication System (VCS)
that effi ciently caters for current and future air traffi c controllers needs.

CSoIP is an innovative product fully compliant with the ED-137 EUROCAE standard that normalizes communication streams over IP technology. It provides a highly reliable radio-telephone-intercom integrated solution running over secure IP architecture.

CSoIP fits seamlessly your existing equipment. It ensures high capabilities and safe defense communication fl ow to exploit the potential of your command center in hostile and non-hostile environments.


CSoIP is engineered from a decentralized and redundant architecture ensuring the highest availability level (above 99.999%).
Our VCS solution is built from robust design made of safe and sustainable technologies in adequacy with the most demanding software development quality processes (SWAL 3).
Besides, CSoIP meets security and quality requirements in force in aeronautical community (ESARR 4 expertise) and passes successfully the most demanding performance tests.
In a nutshell, our VCS offers excellent performances while providing users with a trusted and secure environment in which they benefi t from reliable communication operations.


csoip_voice_communication_system_militaire_gb.pdf CSoIP-voice-communication-system-militaire-gb.pdf  (5.49 MB)
vroip__ed1374b_voice_and_data_atc_recorder_v_1.pdf VRoIP– ED1374B-Voice and Data ATC Recorder_V.pdf  (1.78 MB)
vgoip__ed137b_voice_gateway_over_ip_1.pdf VGoIP– ED137B-VOICE-GATEWAY-OVER-IP.pdf  (5.69 MB)

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