LaBS, scalabe algorithms for complex flow simulation

A numerical simulation tool for CFD, built on the Lattice Boltzmann Method and optimized for massive parallel computing

Lattice Boltzmann Method

LaBS, scalabe algorithms for complex flow simulation
LaBS is built on the Lattice Boltzmann Method, an inherently transient fluid simulation algorithm. Beyond standard fluid dynamics simulations, LaBS efficiently solves compressible flows with enough accuracy to simulate the aeroacoustic field by direct computation of acoustic phenomena.

Immersed boundary model

Fluid mesh creation is completely automatic and is done by a parallel octree mesher following the user-defined grid refinement regions.

Turbulence modeling

Two Large Eddy Simulation models are available  : the Shear-Improved Smagorinsky model  and approximate deconvolution model based on explicit selective filtering. Both models can be use with pressure gradient sensitive wall-law treatment.

High-performance solver

LaBS Solver is optimized for massive parallel computing and also includes an innovating parallel mesher wich allows an short time initialisation for your simulation.

Fast setup with GUI and automated post-processing

LaBS is associated with an intuitive interface for preparing runs in interactive or script/batch mode. Post-processing is done using standard  vizualisation softawes (Paraview, Ensigth). Advanced post-processing templates are provided for Paraview.

Code customization

Physics module is provided with its source code. Advanced users can easily implement new physics thanks to a dataflow programming approach.

LaBS Consortium

Three industrials and two scientific laboratories, software’s co-owner and developpers, led, supported and approved themselves LaBS.

This is a collaborative project with strong partnerships.

« LaBS Consortium » collaborates with partners whose scientific expertise permits building mathematics models and establishing simulation best-practises for several application domains.

Innovative developments with scientific partners

LaBS partners are currently developing new physic models to be integrated in future software releases. As examples : materials sound absorption based on time-domain wall impedance and moving solid model formulated with a unique ALE/Chimera approach...

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