LaBS, scalabe algorithms for complex flow simulation

A numerical simulation tool for CFD, built on the Lattice Boltzmann Method and optimized for massive parallel computing

LaBS: lattice Boltzmann Solver

LaBS, scalabe algorithms for complex flow simulation
LaBS provides an innovative solution to highly complex fluid dynamics problems, allowing engineers to accurately simulate transient aerodynamics and aeroacoustics. Excellent correlations between simulation and experiments mean that LaBS allows shortening product development cycles and reducing costs by eliminating the need for expensive prototypes.

Key Features

State-of-the-art turbulence modeling

LaBS-Solver features advanced, state-of-the-art turbulence-modeling techniques: DNS and LES. Large-Eddy Simulations are either based on the Shear-Improved Smagorinsky Model  or on the Approximate Deconvolution Model. A pressure-gradient-sensitive wall-law can also be employed. It integrates a correction for the viscous sub-layer as well.

Immersed Boundary Model

Surface and volume meshes in LaBS are linked through an innovative Immersed Boundary Model. Thanks to this model, pre-processing is made easier and most issues related to mesh-element quality are eliminated.


LaBS is the only non-open-source CFD software to provide the source codes for all the implemented numerical models. Expert users can implement their application-specific models or modify the existing ones. Those models include the wall-law, the subgrid-scale model as well as the complete lattice Boltzmann numerical scheme!

Worldwide leading industrial groups support LaBS

CS Communication and Systems distributes LaBS worldwide. However, the software is developed, tested and validated beforehand by a group of leading industrials and academics such as Airbus, Renault, Université Pierre et Marie Curie and Ecole Centrale de Lyon. By using LaBS, you benefit from the knowledge and expertise of each of those partners. 

Unlimited parallel processing for a fixed cost

Different clients have different needs. Therefore, LaBS is available via three licensing options:
  • Annual lease: it allows you to run LaBS on an unlimited number of cores for a fixed cost.
  • LaBS on demand: it allows more flexibility. Usage is counted by the day and not by the number of cores.
  • Cloud computing: perform all your simulations on a public or a dedicated cloud and pay per hour of usage.

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