Our commitment: the satisfaction of our customers

CS allies a strong tradition of technological innovation with its culture of commitment to results. Its mission is to accompany our customers over the long haul.

CS essentially works on high-value complex projects. Managing the critical side is its job. Security, performance, continuity of operations, robustness of systems and infrastructures that CS designs and operates are everyday challenges for its teams. Its customers look to CS as a partner responsible for their strategic projects.

Pooling resources, industrialization, repeatability and best practices – those are all key factors in improving the quality of our deliverables and the profitability of our projects.

CS is vigorously pursuing our three-year internal program, “Resources and Skills,” which aims to ensure career advancement for its co-workers and the recruitment of strategic skills, that is to say, experts, architects and international project directors. Indeed, both project success and customer satisfaction hinge on its expertise.

CS commits to the regular evaluation of its service delivery and products in order to ensure the complete satisfaction of its customers. Its customers are regularly surveyed about satisfaction issues, while the findings serve as a basis for continuous-improvement action plans.

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