01.26.2009: CS was selected by the Ministry of Defense for the complete overhaul of the SIMMAD's Information System (COMP@S). A € 32 million project.

CS has been notified by the DGA as Prime Contractor for the design, development and integration of an Information System for SIMMAD (Integrated Maintenance Structure of Defense Ministry's Aeronautics Material).

This system named COMP@S, will allow all maintenance activities of the Ministry of Defense' aeronautics materials to be coordinated so as to optimize operational availability.

COMP@S covers four main functions:
• conducting technical management of aircrafts and spare parts (configuration management, processing of technical facts and non-compliance, documentation) so as to guarantee that aircrafts are at all times certified to fly,
• logistic management (define, plan, build, distribute and manage stock),
• management and finance (budgets, sales, finance, accounting)
• operational management and reporting of Defense's aeronautics maintenance.

Prime contractor for this € 32 million project, CS has chosen SOPRA and SQLI as sub-contractors for their expertise in the field of information systems.

CS' thorough knowledge of SIMMAD's activities (for which it already guarantees the maintenance of the Air Force radio VU/HF equipment) and its expertise in the design of innovative architectures have resulted in a solution consistent with the needs of SIMMAD’s operational managers and compatible with its technical base which it shares with the DIRISI (Inter Army Department for Network Infrastructures and Defense's Information System).

 « Already selected in October by the Fleet Support Service (SSF - Service de Soutien de la Flotte) to guarantee the use, evolution and maintenance of the Information System for the management of Embedded Logistics for the French Navy (SIGLE), CS confirms its will to become a key player to optimize operations for the French MOD. » declares Eric Blanc-Garin, CEO of CS.

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