04.23.2009: Electronic Free-Flow Tolling on Golden Ears Bridge (Vancouver – Canada) Customer Service Centre Opening

V-flow opened its Customer Service Centre on April 15, 2009 to register and provide information to customers of electronic Free-Flow tolling on the Golden Ears Bridge in the North East sector of Metro Vancouver. Free-Flow tolling will be operational in July 2009. V-Flow is a consortium comprised of Egis Projects (Egis Group), Sanef and Intrans (American subsidiary of CS).

A key element of the regional transportation system in for Metro Vancouver, the Golden Ears Bridge will connect two growing residential and industrial zones (Langley and Surrey on the South and Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows on the North) and will substantially reduce travel time crossing the Fraser River. It will then improve the economic development of the area by decreasing transportation time and smoothing road traffic.

This project will be equipped with a Free-Flow tolling system that is without barriers. The operation and the supply of this turnkey system were awarded to V-Flow in June 2006 by the South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority ("TransLink”).

Intrans, (American subsidiary of CS), handles the supply and maintenance of the electronic Free Flow system which comprises:

• two gantries which house equipment allowing the detection of transponders in vehicles, the recording of license plate numbers and the classification of vehicles for the calculation of fares;
• a fully integrated back office system which invoices users, manages transactions and payments, sale management (CRM, Website, selling points), and the follow-up of outstanding payments.
This system is capable of managing 50 million transactions a year. Upon the opening of the Golden Ears Bridge, the expected traffic is about 30,000 vehicles a day.

Egis Projects, through its subsidiary Transroute International Canada Services Inc., will operate this electronic toll system for a 5 to 8 year period from a Customer Service Centre located in the vicinity of the bridge, and in particular:

• the registration and the management of accounts of the subscribers;
• the management of the transactions of electronic tolling, with or without transponders;
• the invoicing of the users and the collection of fares;
• the reconciliation of the transactions and the payments.

Sanef is the project adviser for the definition of the technical specifications and the operational procedures. Sanef has a wealth of experience in the operation of free flow tolling, customer and stakeholder relationships, and toll collection.

The financing of the Golden Ears Bridge project will be supported by the tolls collected by V-Flow on behalf of TransLink.

The total amount of the contract over the 8 years is about 70 million Canadian dollars.

About Egis:
Egis Projects is the subsidiary of Egis which develops BOT/PPP projects, operates transport infrastructures, through its subsidiary Egis Road Operation (formerly Transroute International), integrates operating systems and provides value-added services to road users.
Egis Projects is one of the world leaders in toll motorway concession and operation: it has closed 18 projects for a total value of €10 billion and its 17 operating companies (11 in Europe, 3 in Australia, 2 in Asia, 1 in Americas) have 1100 km of motorways under contract, 960 km of which are already in operation with 2900 employees performing all tasks of operation and maintenance.
For more information, see www.egis-projects.com

Egis is a subsidiary of the Caisse des Dépôts Group, with a turnover of €505 million in 2008 and 7300 employees worldwide. It is a world leader in transport infrastructure engineering, providing comprehensive service solutions comprising engineering, project development and operation of motorway concessions.
For more information, see www.egis-group.com

About Sanef:
Sanef is a long-term infrastructure management group and a service operator.
Sanef is part of the abertis group, Europe's leading mobility and telecommunications infrastructure management group. Sanef is the leading motorway network within the abertis group. Its business model is based on quality management of its concession and focused on customer satisfaction and on a development strategy for interoperable ETC services, new concessions and major toll projects throughout Europe.
Sanef directly operates 1,743km of motorways and has further interests in motorway companies representing 280km of existing and future motorways. The Group has a workforce of 3 700. Its revenues totalled €1.39 billion in 2008. Its principal subsidiaries are Société des Autoroutes Paris Normandie and eurotoll.
For more information, see www.sanef.com/en/index.jsp

A propos de CS:
CS is a major player in the design, integration and operation of mission critical systems. CS is listed on the Euronext Paris stock market. With a turnover of € 222 millions and 2,240 employees, CS today rates as an established supplier acknowledged by its major customers for the expertise, commitment and sense of service of its staff.
Integrator of turnkey systems, CS offers global solutions, from roadside equipment to the back office. As a leader in free-flow tolling systems, CS confirms its technological leadership and positions itself as a reference player in the implementation of Intelligent Transportation Systems.
For more information, see http://uk.c-s.fr/