07.28.2009: CS announces the successful opening of toll collection system in Demerje (Zagreb) - Croatia

CS opened successfully the toll collection system of the last A6 highway section, from Rijeka to Zagreb, true backbone of the Croatian road network providing a direct access to the western European motorways. Autocesta Rijeka-Zagreb (ARZ) currently operates this highway.

In order to address the recurring issues of traffic congestion at Lucko toll plaza during the Summer and weekends traffic peaks, a new toll plaza (Demerje), linking Rijeka to Zagreb, has been opened. 

CS, through its Croatian subsidiary ECSAT, was able to cope with the urgency of the situation reported repeatedly by the national authorities. In addition to the technological innovations embedded in this state-of-the-art system, this project was realized in record time - 5 months, from design to deployment with only 2 weeks for site installation. 

CS designed and supplied the turnkey toll collection system, and will perform its maintenance. Among the technological innovations, the highlights are: 

• fast ETC lanes for all vehicle classes;
• automatic toll lanes equipped with toll collection machines on two levels, for small vehicles and heavy trucks allowing toll collection with credit cards readers, contactless SMART cards and magnetic cards;
• mobile virtual lanes allowing toll collectors equipped with wireless PDA to increase the capacity of the toll plaza during peak season. 

All lanes are automatic and equipped with an automatic vehicle classification system as well as a fully automated licence plate recognition system. 

This project is already considered a great success and the new system has allowed to increase the traffic flow, to modernize toll collection system currently used by ARZ and to provide an optimum quality of service to its customers. 

The average daily traffic is estimated at 30,000 vehicles with a maximum capacity of 77,000 vehicles a day.

« Further to the delivery and full maintenance of toll collection systems for ARZ, as well as the major part of the Highways Agency Croatia network (HAC), this project positions CS as a major player for future projects of Croatian highways network, and more generally for those of the entire Balkans, and confirms its expertise in intelligent transportation systems.», declares Eric Blanc-Garin, Chief Executive Officer of CS.

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