10.02.2011: RATP chooses CS group to implement its multimodal traveler information system

French public transportation company RATP has just selected CS and its subsidiary Diginext to realize a system to provide travelers with real-time travel information across all transportation modes, transit operators and communications media.

One of the keys to reducing urban traffic congestion is to promote the use of public transportation. Reliable traveler information makes a difference. Knowing this, RATP has initiated a traveler information infrastructure project, dubbed I2V. 

Project objectives: 
• centralize traveler information for all transportation modes and transit operators,
• give the user real-time travel times under normal and congested conditions,
• improve the coherence and quality of traveler information across all communications media (monitors or display boards, cell phones, websites, etc.),
• give RATP the ability to provide information through home and mass medias in order to offer travelers the best possible assistance before and during multimodal travel (by train, suburban railway (RER), metro, tram, and/or bus). 

CS and its subsidiary Diginext combined their expertise in mission critical information systems and their knowledge of intelligent transportation systems to propose a powerful technical infrastructure with the capacity to standardize traveler information and handle intermodality. 

Key features:
• robustness for 24/7 service availability,
• system monitoring to catch and fix problems quickly,
• evolvable, modular infrastructure meeting real-time information needs, adapted to the reality on the ground, and interfacing to various media (ICTs, Web, ground-based display units, and on-board receivers). 

For this project, the CS group will design, deploy and maintain the new system and migrate the existing systems. For expert knowledge on standardization, it will team with Carte Blanche Conseil. 

"As a player in intelligent transportation, CS aims to help transit operators implement innovative information and communications systems to meet the challenges of mobility. CS is delighted to be working with RATP to design this multimodal information system and, as a result, to contribute to improving the quality of service for public transport users,” said Eric Blanc-Garin, CEO of CS.

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