11.01.2011: CS renovates the maritime surveillance system of Toulon naval base

The department of infrastructure networks and information systems of the Ministry of Defense (DIRISI), has entrusted CS with the renovation of the maritime surveillance system of the naval base of Toulon. 

This system will ensure automatic detection and trailing of any suspicious craft.

CS will set up an operational center together with a centralized multi-sensor system made up of maritime radar and eight active cameras operating in both visible and thermal bands. Day and night, the operator can thereby monitor all traffic present in Toulon roads.

Maritime surveillance has become a key issue in the fight against piracy and terrorism, port areas requiring enhanced protection. Toulon has become one of the first French military ports to meet these growing security needs by equipping itself with such a system.

The group has thus confirmed its growing influence in the field of maritime surveillance and port protection, capitalizing on its skills in implementing operational command centers and integrating radar systems and optronics (processing, data fusion and situation display).

“With our non-lethal Marine Warning and Protection System (MWPS), our contribution to the  SECMAR (port surveillance) and Sargos (oil rig protection) projects together with the ongoing development of STRADIVARIUS, trans-horizon radar through our subsidiary Diginext, CS has distinguished itself as a player in the forefront of action in this field.” concluded Eric Blanc-Garin, CEO of CS.

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