12.10.2010: CS and Agenium markets VASCO, attitude simulator

Product dedicated to vehicle behavior modeling (satellites, aircraft, UAV) and flight orientation to optimize mission planning for space and defense clients

The sensors of a satellite, aircraft or a UAV must be pointing constantly and precisely to their target to work properly, though natural phenomena (aerodynamic pressure, solar radiation pressure...) lead to attitude changes.

To simulate the handling and control of this attitude, CS, involved in the field of flight dynamics [1] for over 30 years and Agenium, a scientific and technical company, have combined their skills to develop VASCO (Versatile Attitude Simulator for Critical Operations).

VASCO, a modeling tool for attitude handling, is adapted to all kinds of platforms, all types of missions and can calculate and model handling complex sequences of moving features attitude. This ability allows to analyze and control the movement of a vehicle as well as to optimize operations by adjusting the orientation to the requirements of the mission.

VASCO allows the realistic representation of operational behavior of vehicles with the ability to switch automatically from one orientation to another, simulating the sequences of a concatenation manoeuvre.

Intended to extend the AGI STK® software suite (Satellite ToolKit STK) dedicated to the simulation of space, airborne, land and sea systems, VASCO responds to the needs of all users. Easy to master, with a graphical interface built into STK® for rapid prototyping of attitude, VASCO has been designed using templates and predefined sequences to promote its use by non-specialists, while retaining the sharpness and accuracy of modeling. For a simulation of particular and more complex attitudes by expert users, VASCO offers a mode based on the free library of attitude simulation of CNES, "Marmottes".

Marketing and product developments are provided by:
• CS for business expertise, user support and associated training. CS relies on its team of specialists in flight dynamics within its Flight Dynamics, Simulation and Space Surveillance Department,
• Agenium, STK® exclusive distributor in France and French speaking countries, for interfacing with STK®.

CS and Agenium present this new tool as part of the European tour “AGI Global Tech Tour 2010” which will be held from October 18 to 29 in many European cities (information and registration: www.agi.com/events/live-events/2010-global-tech-tour.

"With its expertise in flight dynamics and its knowledge of user needs, CS contributed to the development of an innovative easy to use product, enabling operational teams to be more effective in preparing their missions through realistic simulation of device behavior and orientation control", commented Sylvain d'Hoine, Director of Space and Intelligence Activity of CS.

"With Vasco we are delighted to contribute to the extension of the STK® software suite by providing a multi-platform business solution tailored to business needs”, concluded Joel Castets, Associate Director of Agenium.

[1] Flight Dynamics aims to provide the trajectories of space objects such as rockets and spacecraft including orbital maneuvers and attitude on these trajectories.

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