2.06.2010 : CS Group & French Air Force organize June 3, 2010 military exercise at Mont-de-Marsan airbase, for Link 16 air combat instruction (ACTI L16)

Demonstration of the integration of tactical data links for the instruction of the forces at low and medium altitude

The CS industrial group and the French Air Force have organized for June 3, 2010, a military exercise, named ACTI L16, which has for its main objective the advanced training of different users of Link 16, during exercises based on scenarios that involve coalition forces.

The concept behind this type of exercise is to refine tactics used in current operations among different air units (Rafale/M2000D/M2000-5 and helicopters used by French Army Light Aviation - ALAT) and to enable day-to-day training (“you fight like you train”) at medium and low altitude without AWACS support.

However today, tactical data links have become an essential vector in data exchanges during coalition and allied operations, for: 

• actions that require coordination in air defenses, 
• air support of ground and naval forces (or for amphibious maneuvers),
• amphibious and coordinated actions among naval aviation forces,
• naval support of ground forces. 

Consequently, the effective integration of tactical data links in air operations makes realistic training necessary in order to consolidate the concept of using Link 16 (L16), the NATO standard for data link, in support of tactical information exchanges between military units. The return on experience, acquired from exercises and daily operational use, makes it possible to optimize user procedures.

The ACTI L16 exercise is possible, thanks to close partnering between French military air experimentation center CEAM and CS and its subsidiary, Diginext, a world leader in deployment and definition of condition of use of tactical data links.

ACTI L16 highlights know-how and systems, developed by the CS group, in particular within the framework of a program for an air operations command and control system (French: SCCOA). Details:

• A multifunction information distribution chain (multi-MIDS) for a ground-air radio communication system (French: SRSA) to ensure the effective availability of L16 networking in the southwest of France: SRSA network is an information-centric IP network, highly secured, modular and interoperable which provides a total cover of France and the capacity to integrate tactical data links at low and medium altitudes, complementary to the high-altitude capacity of NATO.

• The system, CLA 2000, which provides multi-radar processing for the local tactical situation establishment: CLA 2000 provides the French Air Force with a capacity to process all information needed for decision-making and for ensuring the full set of air traffic control missions in fixed and deployable hardware configurations.

• SOLSTICE: equipping the Training Range Control Center (TRCC), located in the regional operations command and control (C2) center, and ensuring conversion and transmission over Link 16 of air situation data as well as dialog between C2 and fighter aircraft in training.

• Expertise for the verification of interoperability between combat-ready platforms, the implementation of networking between tactical data links, and the optimization of return on experience, thanks to the analysis of supplied data-link traffic recordings. 

"CS is proud to stand by the French Air Force in this exercise in order not only to show the power of tactical data links to increase operations efficiency between coalition and allied forces, but also to reduce training costs", said Eric Blanc-Garin, CEO at CS. "We hope that our partnership will endure, and that the return on experience from the exercise will enable us to make our systems even more efficient, both in meeting needs at home and abroad, and particularly for the return of France to command responsibility in NATO", he concluded.

About Diginext
A CS group company, Diginext ensures the design of innovative products in the fields of tactical data links, simulation and training, electronic warfare and navigation systems. A must-consult player in the area of tactical data links (French: LDT), Diginext has developed a broad range of testing and simulation tools.
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