2007 revenue

Organic growth of 14.4% to €225.4 million
Order intakes up 22%

The CS group reported consolidated revenue of €225.4 million in 2007, a 14.4% increase at constant perimeter and change rate. Order intakes were up 22,3% to €282.7 million, with a book-to-bill ratio at 1.25 ; the backlog was equivalent to more than 16 months of sales.

International revenue, including revenue generated by the French companies through exports, rose by 53% to €54 million and now accounts for 24% of the group total revenue.

Fourth-quarter revenue rose by 21,9% at constant perimeter and change rate compared with Q4 2006, reaching €68.3 million.


(in millions of euros)

At 12/31/07

At 12/31/06*

at constant perimeter and change rate

Q4 2007

Q4 2006*

Q4 07/Q4 06
at constant perimeter and change rate

French companies







Foreign companies














At constant perimeter

At constant perimeter








(foreign companies & Export)







* Figures restated for the disposal of the CAM subsidiary and the IT infrastructures division, from January 1st 2007, in compliance with IFRS 5.

2007 was marked by the continuity of commercial successes CS has known for several semesters on each of its activity domains.

Defense and Security: CS demonstrated its ability to win positions on key projects outside France, with a large contract landed in the Middle East during the 2007 first quarter. Throughout the year, CS continued to deliver major French programs for air defense (operations centers and communication systems for the French MOD and NATO countries) and Homeland security (command and information centers for the French police). CS also stepped up its marketing efforts with representation at "Le Bourget" Air Show, Milipol and Dubai AirShow, confirming its position as a key player in major info centric systems for civil and military environment.

Transportation: CS moved into new markets in Canada and Ireland with innovative free-flow tolling systems, then in Tunisia and India, where the needs of road infrastructure are significant. CS has a very competitive offer on these markets as an integrator and developer of front- and back-office solutions.

Aeronautics: CS works in France and Canada with aircraft and engine manufacturers and equipment suppliers for the development and maintenance of aeronautic systems. New opportunities are opening up in Europe now that the group is listed as a technical information systems provider for EADS via the AIRliance joint venture.

Space: CS confirms its leadership particularly in ground systems as prime contractor for numerous subsystems for Project Pleiades, signing a first contract for the Pleiades's ground segment operations support, and applying the group's earth observation skills to intelligence operations.

Energy: Thanks to the fast-growing nuclear energy sector, CS is leveraging its expertise in industrial information systems and nuclear safety with the renovation of the real-time simulators used for the operation of EDF's nuclear power plants (Mistral project), and risk management with the implementation of nuclear materials management platforms for the "Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire", the "Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique - Direction des Applications Militaires" and ITER project (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor).

CS also increased its involvement in R&D and innovation through the competitiveness clusters (Aerospace Valley, System@tic, Minalogic, "Secured Electronic Transactions" and "Sea, Security, Safety and Sustainable Development") and large European R&D programs (7th Framework Program for Research and Development). Thus CS demonstrates its innovation capacities and its experts skills for security, high performance simulation and for the future real-time embedded systems.

The group had a total of 1,948 employees at December 31st 2007, compared with 1,803 on January 1st 2007, for an 8% increase over the year. The average annual occupation rate for billable employees stood at 83,5%. The group plans to hire 450 people in 2008.

The 2007 full-year results will be released on 10 March 2008.

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