2008 Annual Report

Today, CS enjoys a solid position as one of the world’s prime contractors for large mission critical systems in strategic sectors with strong growth potential: Defense, Space & Security, Aeronautics, Transportation, and Nuclear Energy.

2008 Annual Report
Our mission is straightforward and clear: offer customers a broad line of integrated solutions, covering the entire value chain – design and develop systems, build them using the most advanced technologies, and run them efficiently to meet operational needs.

At the heart of globalization’s challenges, CS pursues its international development policy, notably in regions with strong security requirements. The exceptional welcome of major international contracting authorities underlines its competitive edge, the relevance of CS technological expertise and its capacity for innovation.

CS customer satisfaction is the company’s highest priority; their confidence and loyalty is its first objective. CS know-how and creative potential come from the outstanding talent, wealth of understanding and diversity of the men and women at CS, who rally around shared values of the highest level of ethical conduct.

More than ever, CS mobilizes all of its strengths and skills in the pursuit of a strategy for success, which profits its customers, co-workers and shareholders alike.

Yazid Sabeg
Chairman of the Board of Directors
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