2015 revenue: €170M

Acceleration of annual growth: +4.7%
Order book hits record high: €196M

Revenue surged by almost 9% in H2 2015 and the group achieved revenue of €169.9M for the year, representing organic growth of 4.7% compared to previous year.
At the end of December 2015 orders stood at €196.3M (up 51.8 % on 2014) bringing the book-to-bill ratio to 115%. Total orders represented 13.8 months of revenue.
2015 revenue: €170M

The proportion of revenue generated by foreign clients surged once again (+28,9% compared with 2014) and now represents 27.8% of the total, while revenue from French clients has fallen by 2.3%. As for production, revenue generated in France is up 1.4% for the period, while revenue produced outside France is up 34.4%.
Defense, Space and Security
In the Defense & Security sector, the group has returned to growth both in terms of orders and revenues, with a book orders representing 23 months of production. During the year the group has confirmed its position as a major player in the SCCOA program (Système de Commandement et de Conduite des Opérations Aérospatiales: French aerospace operations command and control system), having won the operational and security preventive maintenance contract for three major systems within this program (MG2S contract worth €276M of which only the firm portion of €43M has been recorded in the 2015 order book). In the homeland security sector, as well as starting up the 50th Police Command and Control Center in Evry, the group has been selected by the ANR (National Research Agency) and the SGDSN (French homeland security secretariat) to develop a system for the detection and neutralization of illegal drones (BOREADES program), thus demonstrating its ability to innovate in the field of sensitive site surveillance.
The Space sector has been especially buoyant in Europe, in particular with the German (ESOC) and Italian (ESRIN) agencies of ESA (European Space Agency). In France, in addition to long-standing relations with the CNES, CS has increased its support for military space data users by developing the ground segment space-optics component user information system for the Musis program and the space surveillance information system for the SIS project.
Aeronautics, Energy & Industry
In the Aeronautics sector, the group has continued to post strong growth in the North American market, compensating for the falloff in engineering business at Airbus. After more than 15 years of presence in Canada, CS opened a subsidiary in the USA (CS Inc.) in June 2015.
Orders have increased this year (+ 9.8% compared with 2014). The group has leveraged its expertise in the fields of industrial and embedded secure software, digital simulation, PLM, ECM and Big Data analytics, highlighting its ability to manage digital continuity for both existing clients and new accounts such as Andra, Airbus, EDF, Renault and Areva TA.
Diginext has once again posted a strong growth in terms of both orders (+13,8 % compared with 2014) and revenue, which stands at €19.0M (+20.8% compared with 2014), and has a book-to bill ratio of 1.22. Over this year Diginext has confirmed its involvement in armed forces efficiency and will provide the French army with a training system based on Tactical Data Links. Moreover Diginext, which offers innovative passenger information and mobility solutions for the “Smart City”, has been selected to take part in the European Shift2rail program designed to offer attractive services to rail users.

CS had 1,820 staff on its payrollas of 31 December 2015 compared to 1,796 on 31 December 2014. The group recruited 149 staff (permanent contracts) in 2015.

FY 2015 Annual results will be published on 10 March 2016 (after trading).
CS is a major actor in the design, integration and operation of mission critical systems. CS is listed on the Euronext Paris stock markets - Compartment C (Shares: Euroclear 7896 / ISIN FR 0007317813). For more information, please go to: www.c-s.fr
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