2016 revenues: 6.2% growth

The group has posted revenues of €176.5M for FY 2016, an organic growth of 6.2% compared to the previous year. Revenue in France has grown almost 5% and international business remains well oriented above 10%.

Orders for 2016 stood at €174.9M and the end-of-year order book stood at 13 months revenue.

2016 revenues: 6.2% growth
Defense, Space and Security
In the Defense & Security sector, the group posted growth of almost 9 % compared to 2015 and orders increased by over €20M, not counting the effect of the €43.3M from the MG2S contract posted in 2015. The execution of air defense programs for the French Air Force continued with the opening of three new air bases (Cazeaux, Cognac and Saint Dizier), and the deployment in the South of France of the secure ground-to-air radiocommunication system. The group is also developing within NATO, having won the project for renovating secure radiocommunications systems for five air bases in Europe.
CS is successfully selling its BOREADES anti-drone system, the first operational system in France, and combines cyberscurity and sensitive site surveillance skills and solutions to respond to the global challenges faced by critical infrastructure organizations.
In the Space sector, the group has confirmed its position with the renewal of framework agreements with the CNES and the extension of its scope of activity at ESA, highlighting its skills in space systems, on-board software and geo-information.
Aeronautics, Energy & Industry
The commercial dynamic in H2 2016 (with orders up 12.5% on S2 2015) led to a 7.7% increase in orders for the whole year compared to 2015 and a book-to-bill higher than 1. This performance should signal a return to growth in terms of revenue.
Significant successes have been achieved in North America: CS has secured a contract for a complete motor subsystem project (specification, development and certification) with Pratt & Whitney, and an initial military project for the same client.
The French teams have been heavily involved in highlighting the group’s skills and expertise in the field of secure systems and digital continuity, in particular to respond to the new challenges of connected objects and the factory of the future.
Diginext revenues have increased by almost 20%. The commercial dynamic remains buoyant in particular in the Defense sector where Diginext is deploying the armed forces training system using liaison 16 and has just been selected to implement urban combat training solutions in the framework of the CERBERE project.

Payroll as of 31 December 2016 stood at 1,839 staff compared to 1,773 on 31 December 2015. The group has recruited 190 permanent staff over the past year.

The transformation plan initiated three years ago has allowed the Group to return to organic growth. To accelerate this dynamic and considers a policy of external growth focused on its core business, the Group has reinforced its financial resources with a bond issue of €15M maturing on April 2023, subscribed by the portfolio management firm Zencap Asset Management, through its funds “Crédit ETI”.

Annual results for 2016 will be published on 10 March (after close of trading).