26.10.2010: CS strengthens its position in tactical decision aid systems integrated into air & naval operations

Designer of PREDEM, a system for in situ radar range performance prediction and communication systems, CS has just developed PREDIR,  a new simulation tool for sensors performances in the optronic bands (infrared and visible).
These simulation and decision aid systems allow the users to estimate the real performances of embedded radar and optronic sensors.
Mostly integrated in information and command systems (such as SIC 21), these systems allow to:

• calculate the predictions of environmental impact: terrain, atmosphere, air-sea interface,
• estimate the performances of sensors (range and detection coverage),
• give to the operator tactical decision supports (setting of sensors, ship attitude, etc.), for a better operational efficiency.
Like PREDEM, they also can be used through “stand alone” software, particularly for units of smaller size, such as the PATMAR airplane, in order to help them in the exercise of their ‘search and rescue’ or air-surface fights missions.
Partner of DCNS and the National Navy, CS contributes also to DCNS decision aid systems on PSAD program of the forthcoming FREMM program.

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