2D / 3D map-centered decision-making support system

By combining our skills in different fields of excellence, we are able to rise to the challenges of our clients, in particular as regards the relevant processing of geospatial information to help with decision-making.

A leading European player in the field of processing geophysical data, satellite images and drone data, CS integrates, within the same system, information from space observation, telecommunications, and collection and location technologies, enriched for example with field surveys and weather data.

By positioning ourselves along the entire value chain, from sensors to applications, CS responds optimally to all its clients’ requirements: from studies to define future instruments to operational tools, always taking into account interoperability and performance challenges.

In the field of space applications, this "system" concept allows us to develop responses to the societal challenges of the third millennium: increasing agricultural production and the productivity of arable land, identifying soil types, inventorying water resources, managing natural risks, controlling urban and suburban dynamics, and contributing to military intelligence.

In addition ti image processing, CS studies and designs complete systems to help with political, social or economic decision-making.

CS develops and commercializes GEOSTORM, a platform of geo-referenced services designed to offer storage, processing and dissemination capacities for all types of geo-located and geo-locatable information.

This makes it possible to:
  • enhance geo-data
  • significantly increase the power of different types of data by merging them
  • publish enhanced data
Last but not least, GEOSTORM has a process organization tool and is able to interconnect with existing tools (in particular ORFEO ToolBox, an image processing library also developed by CS), which allows it to organize, manage and carry out bulk data production.

In addition, integrated with Géostorm or other systems, the Group offers VirtualGeo, a real time 3D cartographic module allowing the display and creation of geographical environments on a planetary scale and inside buildings. VirtualGeo is widely used in the defense, aeronautics, space and energy sectors.