3D Virtual Reality

In the field of Simulation and Virtual Reality, DIGINEXT, a subsidiary of the CS group, provides innovative technologies based on in-depth knowledge of client needs and unique expertise in modeling, simulation, interactive visualization, and training in critical contexts.

Over 60 specialist doctors and engineers working in interactive 3D, visualization solutions, training systems, serious games and mobility innovate in the following areas:

3D capitalization, from design to training:
  • “3D Second Life”: CAD data retrieval, development of new “light” 3D deliverables (Cortona3D solution) for after-sales service, optimization of production processes using 3D, optimization of client operations and training assistance
Training simulators:
  • Assistance with systems training, operation and maintenance
  • Serious Games and interactive experiences
  • Training systems for civil security and defense
  • System integration (hardware, software, interactive 3D visualization, virtual reality, educational approaches)
Decision-making and operational support:
  • Mission preparation and management
  • 3D mapping and storyboarding
  • Mobility
  • Live-Virtual-Constructive simulation platform