5.31.2010: CS announces reseller agreement with CAPS in France

CS, designer, integrator and operator of mission critical systems, and CAPS, a leading global provider of compiler technologies and engineering services for parallel hybrid computing, announce the signing of a reseller agreement.

According to this agreement, CS mission is to promote and support HMPP™ (Heterogeneous Multicore Parallel Programming), a development tools suite allowing software applications to be ported, maintained and deployed on various hybrid systems configurations. This solution makes the most of the computing power of clusters based hybrid processor GPU (Graphics Processing Unit).

CAPS will benefit from CS expertise in high performance simulation, which includes:
• system and application support, with access to powerful computing resources and migration, optimization and parallelization of computer coding,
• themed studies: structural mechanics, fluid mechanics, materials, thermodynamics, electromagnetism, multi-physical couplings…,
• consulting & training: consulting services, audits, engineering and design consultancy, benchmarking, technology assessments, training in digital design.

"CS willingness to expand its solutions portfolio and expertise in high computing and simulation makes it a partner of choice to develop the French market. In addition, we complement each other in terms of solutions proposed, markets and customers. This partnership looks very promising." comments Denis Gerrer, CAPS Sales Manager. 

“With the rise of simulation needs and hybrid systems deployment, this partnership complements our offerings in computing and high performance simulation in order to speed up the phases of design and products development.” concludes Philippe Barabinot, CS Director of Business Development and Partnerships at Systems Simulation Activity.

About CAPS entreprise
CAPS entreprise gives to software developers an easy access to manycore systems. Its flagship product HMPP™ (Heterogeneous Multicore Parallel Programming) allows a single version of a given application to be developed, ported, maintained and deployed on several manycore systems like those integrating CPUs & GPUs. It unleashes the power of manycore architectures by providing an elegant and pragmatic solution to the porting of legacy software.
For details, go to: www.caps-entreprise.com

About CS
For 15 years, CS has been a distributor of scientific and technical development software, establishing privileged relationships with software publishers, who are world-renowned for their expertise in high-performance computing (HPC): CAPS, The Portland Group, Intel, Wolfram…
For details, go to: www.produits-c-s.fr

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