6.15.2010: CS and Sopra Group join forces in Defense sector for next-generation integrated logistics information systems

On the occasion of Eurosatory 2010, CS and Sopra Group (already in cooperation to provide the Comp@s logistics information system for French air defense customers) have announced a new, broad cooperation agreement for their delivery of next-generation logistics information systems to the Defense sector, including the French Army and joint armed forces.

Defense logistics information systems, similar to supply-chain solutions in other industries, are vital to performance and cost optimization processes across the entire spectrum of operational maintenance and support.

Current maintenance, repair and overhaul information systems are multiple and diverse, often developed independently, and without any particular concern for functional integration into their environment. That has led to interoperability problems, difficult to overcome, and which do not meet modern requirements. However, regardless of system architecture, service-provision or interoperability constraints, CS and Sopra Group are prepared to implement a global approach, based on best practice.

CS and Sopra Group are set to offer advanced concepts that meet major challenges in support efficiency, while also remaining focused on cost savings in line with the most recent policy decisions in the French Defense and government establishment.

“Our complementary skills and know-how is a winning combination," said Vincent Paris, Public Sector Division Director at Sopra Group. "We are working to build and streamline packaged solutions for logistics information systems that provide efficient support and interoperability. CS brings to the equation both its logistics technical base and deep understanding of the defense sector,” he added.

“Although our fit with Sopra Group is excellent for this job, our alliance is still completely open to other partners," commented Arnaud Salomon, Business Development Director at CS. "The stakes for Defense are so critical that the only solution is to offer entirely innovative approaches and new structures. Our initiatives are moving in that direction,” he concluded. 

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