8.12.2010: Ministry of the Interior chooses CS to set up a digital trusted infrastructure

As part of the public policy modernisation programme, the Ministry of the Interior, Overseas Territories, Local and Regional Authorities and Immigration has chosen CS to set up a trusted services platform for the purposes of:
• securing access to the Ministries’ sites and information system: authentication and management of authorisations,
• encouraging the deployment of electronic procedures: access to paper-free applications (electronic reports, protection video, etc.) and traceability of requests and events (consultation of national files, etc.),
• ensuring confidentiality and integrity of digital data exchanges: encrypting transferred data and verifying that they have not become corrupted.

Thus, the 200,000 agents of the Ministry will be provided with a multi-purpose smart card, a real professional identity card, enabling them to authenticate themselves and have access, depending on their profile and task, to the websites and applications dedicated to them. 

A trusted service integrator, CS is offering, as part of this project, an overall system that is based on:
• an infrastructure for managing keys and life cycles of certificates (electronic ID that can associate a public key with an identity) in order to carry out cryptographic operations such as encryption and electronic signature: this infrastructure is based on CS’s TrustyKey key management solution (Public Key Infrastructure), which offers services for administering, generating and distributing keys as well as for issuing electronic certificates. 
• a secure card management system: CS relies on its close partnership with Bell ID and integrates the ANDIS solution for managing the complete life cycle of smart cards and their holders. 

CS will:
• design the hardware and software architecture,
• integrate and validate the solutions,
• train the individuals involved,
• ensure roll-out on the 7,000 sites (central government, prefectures, national police force),
• maintain the system in operational condition and the corrective and ongoing maintenance services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

"Already a partner of Imprimerie Nationale in producing secure title documents, this further reference confirms CS as a decisive player in digital trust solutions, both for identity and transaction protection and in exchanges, a key challenge for governments and companies for paper-free exchanges and the development of electronic services," concludes Eric Blanc-Garin, CEO of CS.

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