Air and naval defense

C2/C3: tactical situations and threat management

The air operations centers developed by CS are command centers offering air forces the ability to process all the information necessary for their decision-making.

These centers carry out air space management, air traffic control, and air defense missions. The systems make it possible to establish a tactical situation, to analyze the information and communicate with the aircraft, and if necessary to analyze and process threats by detecting means of retaliation. CS thus covers the entire spectrum of an air operations center, which is a required ability to meet the needs of the EU and NATO.

In addition, CS designs and deploys the ground-to-air radio communication system across  the territory. This highly secure and redundant multi-user solution allows several operators to use the same system simultaneously, following rules of priority, in unscrambled or protected mode. It is modular and interoperable and can integrate low and medium altitude tactical datalinks to complement the high altitude capacities of NATO.  

Distributed Air C2
Thanks to feedback obtained from the development of the CLA and SRSA systems, CS offers distributed Air C2 that integrates with existing operational architecture and which complies with new NATO concepts (centered and collaborative networks). These centers adapt to the air defense challenges of many countries and to the French implementation of C2s that can be used in the framework of external operations or as part of the country’s permanent security policy.

Tactical data links
Diginext, a subsidiary of the CS group, has designed a range of innovative products for testing, operational systems, and training:
•    TactX: a simulation and multi-link testing tool
•    StarlinX: operational multi-link system (L11, L16, JRE, L22)
•    Solstice: solution for training armed forces to use L16 in operational environments