Armed forces training

Whatever the training requirements in synthetic environments, CS offers complete solutions and interactive networked systems for the simulation of high-level missions.

Armed forces training
Training and instrumented simulation

The evolution of conflicts, international terrorism, intervention in urban environments, the constraints of interoperability and security make interforce operations increasingly complex. The armed forces and civil security forces must increase their operational efficiency while minimizing the cost of training and equipment.

Thanks to its simulation & training offering, CS trains people at all level of responsibility and assesses and tests new systems at optimized cost and in a secure environment.

SYMULZUB: urban combat training

The group has developed the pilot system for instrumented simulation, SYMULZUB, for the French army’s urban conflict training center (CENZUB). This center offers training that is realistic and integrated into combat for interforce subgroups (mainly infantry) in the framework of engagement in urban areas (enforcement and control of violence). It aims to give the soldier an exhaustive operational view of the urban environment, from villages to major cities.

SOLSTICE: air data link training

In the field of instrumented air simulation, CS and its subsidiary Diginext now form a major player thanks to operational solutions for L16 training that make it possible to simulate the behavior of C2 platforms using L16, without the need for the costly presence of an AWACS during the exercises. To send L16 data, Solstice uses MID S terminals, which can be deployed on the ground, either individually or in a meshed network via a distributed architecture (Multi-Mids capacity) embedded in a helicopter or transporter plane.

Cybersecurity Training

Cyberdefense training is an essential component for maintaining operational performance of supervision teams facing increasingly numerous and increasingly complex attacks.

As attacks evolve rapidly, this operational capacity can only be maintained via regular, exhaustive training in representative environments in order to understand the threat and the modus operandi and effectively thwart attacks.

In collaboration with our partner DIATEAM, CS offers elaborate cyber-training in compliance with the ANSSI training guide. Based on the Diateam HNS platform and integrating SIEM PRELUDE developed by CS, this offering makes it possible to:
  • Generate a virtual environment representative of a normal or industrial information system (ICS/SCADA)
  • Build and implement complex attack scenarios
  • Implement advanced correlation rules in order to detect APTs using SIEM Prelude
  • Present, in an environment representative of a SOC, the information relating to alerts so that it can be analyzed
  • Offer a relevant and dynamic response