As a sponsor of the first Grand Toulouse Marathon, which was held Sunday, October 28, 2007, CS created a sensation with its product, Géo Marathon.

Developed by its Virtual Reality department, this application links a miniature GPS/EGNOS transponder to Virtual Géo, the 3D display engine from CS. Imagine five relay teams, a marathon race, and motorcycle escorts both leading and bringing up the rear, all "geopositioned" in real time in a highly realistic representation of Toulouse with its Space City, CS offices, Airbus assembly hall, buildings in Grand Toulouse, and even the future Cancéropôle. As a further indication of precision, the application evaluated the performances of the teams, taking into account the physical characteristics of each runner as well as environmental indicators, such as air quality and weather conditions. This was a truly public illustration of geopositioning systems in an urban setting, implemented by CS in the framework of crisis management projects and its command and information centers, systems for which CS is constantly developing new functionalities in response to the needs of its customers.