The purpose of the CS-CERT is, first, to provide vulnerability analysis, patch management and other proactive mesures to exixting projects developped by CSSI, and second, to assist CSSI projects and services in responding to security incidents when they occur.
ALL incoming information related to incidents is handled confidentially by CS-CERT, regardless of its priority.
CS-CERT is part of CSSI’s Defence, Security & ATM Business Unit.

CERT-CS is authorized by the  CERT® Coordination Center.


CS-CERT's constituency is CSSI’s projects having contracted a CERT support, among them those using the SEDUCS operating system.
CS-CERT may provide CERT support to other public or private organizations upon signing a binding legal agreement.


Incident response
CS-CERT is responsible for the coordination of security incidents involving their constituency. CS-CERT therefore handles both the triage and coordination aspects. Incident resolution is left at the discretion of the involved constituents – however CS-CERT will offer support and advice on request.
Proactive activities
CS-CERT pro-actively advises their constituency in regard to recent vulnerabilities and on matters of computer and network security. CS-CERT is not responsible for implementation, that is always left at the discretion of the constituents.


Tel : (+33) 1 41 28 94 48
Fax : (+33) 1 41 28 42 84
Email : cert-cs@c-s.fr
CERT-CS CSIRT RFC2350 profile
Coordinator’s PGP Key