CS & Cybersecurity:First success in Russia for PRELUDE

First success in Russia for PRELUDE,Security Information Event Management of CS

French actor in the field of defense, security and mission-critical systems, CS deploys its cybersecurity solutions for effective protection of infrastructure and information systems against cyber threats.

Designer and integrator of global security solutions, CS announces the signing of a partnership agreement with the ISS Company for the distribution and integration of its PRELUDE solution in Russia. A first deployment of PRELUDE was carried successfully with a large insurance company, AlfaStrakhovanie.

The only French and European SIEM (Security Information Event Management), PRELUDE is a supervision solution of security in real-time of an information system and communication. PRELUDE collects, normalizes, sorts, aggregates, correlates and displays all of security events independently of type of monitored equipment. It allows of having a security unified vision state and thus to ensure an optimal governance risks, rising from prevention to action.

Essential building block for smart security, PRELUDE plays a leading role in the detection of threats and allows taking measures as soon as possible in case of cyber-attack. PRELUDE responds perfectly to the needs of a Security Operation Center (SOC).

PRELUDE uses IDMEF standard of security messages for full interoperability with anti-intrusion probes, and comes bundled with the IODEF format, allowing communicating easily and in real time of security incidents between SOCs in the same group, or belonging to different entities. These two standards are supported by the Ministry of Defense and ANSSI.
PRELUDE provides an adaptive response to challenges of infrastructures protection, including for National Critical industries.
"PRELUDE is currently the only one alternative French and European origin SIEM on a market dominated by the U.S. market solutions. This first partnership marks the deployment of PRELUDE on the international market, other international partners could materialize quickly and confirms the relevance of our solution“ said Gilles LEHMANN, PRELUDE solution manager.
"PRELUDE fits into our comprehensive range of cybersecurity solutions. CS is currently the only French company that features a complete range of strong security solutions entirely designed and developed in France » said Didier GARDET, Director of Business Unit Defense & Security CS.
About PRELUDE: www.prelude-ids.com
About ISS: www.is-systems.org