CS, European leader in space system project development

Whether managing a satellite or a vehicle, a fleet of satellites from different manufacturers, or a constellation of spacecraft, CS offers the best solution for optimal control of space resources, from validation to critical operations such as LEOP (Low Earth Obit Operations). From specification to design and operations, CS constantly looks for the solution with the highest added value integrating recognized state-of-the-art flight components.

From preliminary studies to development and operations, CS places 30 years eperience and expertise at the service of space flight dynamics and ground control interfaces. CS flight dynamics and command and control solutions cover all mission types (geostationary, low earth orbit, interplanetary) and offer a wide range of applications (scientific, military & commercial).

CS Ground Segment Control activities cover the following ground components and systems:
  • Checking and monitoring
  • Flight dynamics
  • Satellite simulators
  • Electric ground system equipment
  • Ground stations
The re-use strategy adopted for several years in the development of satellite control systems has allowed CS to develop generic tried and tested products: COTS (Commercial Of The Shelf).

Our multi-mission control systems offering is based on COTS software: the OSMOSE multi-satellite version for Monitoring & Control and the ODS multi-satellite version for satellite orbit and attitude determination.

As our COTS products are open and configurable systems, they can be adapted to various operational concepts. They can also increase satellite lifespans through their knowledge of long term periodical effects and the use of effective and fuel-saving orbit control strategies.

CS, European leader in space system project development