CS: a global service offering

Modeling, high-performance simulation, control and command, safety and risk management: with over twenty years’ experience in the nuclear sector, CS offers a wide range of services and solutions combining the knowledge of models and industrial processes and using the best technology to enhance industrial performance and risk management.

Simulation & high-performance data processing

Improved time-to-market thanks to the improved productivity of the design and manufacturing cycle requires digital simulation. CS offers industries an innovative approach making it possible to build, according to their needs, high-performance structures making best use of infrastructures, tools and data to optimize the costs of operating high-performance data processing centers.

CS has developed LaBS: a digital simulation tool for fluid mechanics based on the Boltzmann network method.

The SCADA industrial supervision & information system

In the field of industrial information systems, CS integrates security concepts into networks and instrumentation to guarantee the operational integrity and security of automated machinery (both software and hardware) and to provide systems supervision. As supplier of the industrial information system for EDF’s EPR reactor in Flamanville, CS integrates highly constrained systems in the energy sector. Thanks to its expertise and market positioning in the supervision sector, in particular hydraulic plants, CS is taking part in new-generation control and command studies.

Nuclear safety

Working alongside engineers, designers and operators of nuclear installations, CS offers high-tech services that make it possible to improve their availability and safety. Risk control also involves the complete traceability of nuclear materials. The main nuclear materials used by the industry are subject to EU checks that ensure that no country can misappropriate them. In this framework, CS produces nuclear materials management platforms that help to ensure total traceability and data durability. These systems make it possible to trace and account for both the movements and processing of nuclear materials, and to put in place authorizations according to the different people involved.