CS and major European space programs

CS solutions for space, ground or embedded systems and applications can be found at the heart of many civil and military programs. As supplier to the Centre national d’études spatiales (CNES: national space research center) and the European Space Agency (ESA), CS has been involved in most of the major European space programs for over 30 years.

Space systems & services

Whether it be managing a single satellite or space vehicle or a fleet of them, CS offers premium solutions for optimized control of space resources. Control and command, mission programming, flight dynamics, satellite simulators, attitude simulators, test benches, ground stations… CS uses its expertise from design to integration and operational support. In user ground segments, CS works on mission programming, data distribution, and the management and optimization of user requests. CS is involved in developing mission centers for most of the European Earth observation programs. As suppliers to the CNES and the European Space Agency, CS has confirmed its ability to develop systems from design through testing to operation, and to bring its technological expertise to bear in the ground segment sector.

In more detail:

Geo-Information and Image Processing

To respond to the needs of major players in the industrial sector and institutional decision-makers, CS, one of the leading European specialists in satellite image and geophysical data processing, integrates, within a single system, data from space observation technology, telecommunications, information gathering and location, enriched by field surveys and meteorological data.

By positioning itself along the entire value chain, from sensors to applications, CS is able to respond effectively to all its clients’ requirements, from conceptual studies of future instruments to operational tools, always taking into account the challenges of interoperability and operational performance.

In the field of space applications, this system-oriented concept allows us to develop responses to the societal issues of the third millennium: increasing agricultural production and the productivity of arable land, understanding the nature of the soil, creating inventories of water resources, managing natural risks, controlling the urban and peri-urban dynamic, and contributing to military intelligence.

CS develops and commercializes GEOSTORM, a platform of geo-referenced services designed to store, process and distribute all kinds of geolocated and geolocatable information.

Space Situational Awareness

Thanks to its expertise in orbital mechanics, CS has become a major player in the space surveillance sector, which involves identifying, preventing and predicting existing risks to be able to implement appropriate responses: natural risks (asteroids, solar weather), risks relating to human activity (collision in orbit, falling objects, launch risks), military risks (space observation, defensive and offensive activities).

CS brings its expertise in this field to the CNES and the ESA, and is developing the Space Information System for the French Defense Ministry.