CS announces the success of its capital increase with preferential subscription rights for an amount of € 11.5 million after full exercise of the increase option

• Capital increase of € 11.5 million
• Subscription price of € 5.90 per share
• Full exercise of the increase option
• Overall demand over € 14.3 million: more than 1.4 times the initial offer

Le Plessis Robinson, July 23, 2018. CS Communication & Systèmes is pleased to announce the success of its capital increase with preferential shareholder subscription rights, launched on July 6, 2018, for a total of 11,499,996.80 euros (issue premium included) at € 5.90 per share, after full exercise of the increase option (clause d'extension).
At the end of the subscription period (July 17, 2018), 2,416,969 new shares were requested compared to the 1,722,142 new shares initially on offer, which represents a subscription rate of over 1.4 times the initial offer.
CS Communication & Systèmes decided to fully exercise the increase option for 227,010 additional shares, bringing the total number of shares offered from 1,722,142 to 1,949,152 and the gross value of the issue from 10,160,637.80 euros to 11,499,996.80 euros.
1,516,816 new actions were subscribed on an irreducible basis (à titre irréductible), representing 78% of the new shares to be issued and an 88% rate of exercise of preferential subscription rights. 900,153 new shares were subscribed on a reducible basis (à titre réductible) and this demand will thus be only partially met, for a total of 432,336 new shares (an allotment rate of 0.0521).
The gross value of the issue is thus 11,499,996.80 euros, corresponding to 1,949,152 new shares.
The success of this capital increase provides the CS Group with increased financial resources to pursue the implementation of its strategic plan Ambition 2021 by carrying out new external growth initiatives in the growth sectors of defense and public security, space and cybersecurity in Europe.
"We are proud of the trust demonstrated by our shareholders and delighted to see new institutional investors coming in. After the recent acquisition of Novidy’s, this is a successful new key step towards the implementation of our strategic plan Ambition 2021," says Eric Blanc-Garin, CEO of CS Communication & Systèmes.
The settlement and delivery, and the listing on Euronext Paris (compartment C) of the new shares, will take place on July 25, 2018. The new shares will bear current dividend rights and entitle shareholders to all distributions made by the company from their issue date onwards. They will be fully fungible with existing company shares and will be similarly listed under the code ISIN FR0007317813.
Following this share issue, the share capital of CS Communication & Systèmes will be 23,475,930 euros comprised of 23,475,930 shares at a nominal value of 1 euro each.
Distribution of capital and voting rights after capital increase

Availability of prospectus
Copies of the prospectus will be available free of charge from the head office of CS Communication & Systèmes, 22 avenue Galilée – 92350 Le Plessis Robinson, on the company website (www.c-s.fr), and on the website of the AMF (www.amf-france.org ).
Risk factors relating to the Company and its business are described in chapter 4 of the Reference Document and Updated Reference Document, which are included in the Prospectus.
Risk factors relating to the shares issued are presented in chapter 2 of the Issue Note.
About CS Communication & Systèmes
CS is a leading player in the design, integration and operation of critical systems. CS is listed on Euronext Paris - Compartment C (Shares: Euroclear 7896 / ISIN FR 0007317813).

For further information: www.c-s.fr
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