CS announces the successful test of the non-lethal Maritime Warning and Protection System

Full-scale tests conducted from January 12 to 15, 2010 - Fort Saint-Elme, Seyne s/Mer (Var Department)

Currently, sensitive coastal infrastructures are largely or totally unprotected from asymmetric threats. In addition, the presence of recreational activities close to these sites makes the surveillance and control of restricted access areas difficult and demanding. Implementing a surveillance and response system that acts consistently with the threat level addresses the increasing needs for protection without hampering the economic and operational activity of these infrastructures.

The purpose of the MWPS system is to equip ports and sensitive maritime sites with a means of detection, warning, intimidation and neutralization of suspicious vessels entering a restricted access area.

Infrared detection sensors and acoustic and pyrotechnic devices enable the MWPS to provide a graduated reaction proportional to the threat, via rapid reaction resources that can be activated by a qualified operator in a few seconds.

The MWPS system is composed of a control and command center and a technical platform:

• Wide field-of-view infrared cameras for perimeter surveillance and narrow field-of-view visible-spectrum and infrared cameras to track targets and assist in their identification,
• Loudspeakers broadcasting a high power ultra-directional message by beamforming, audible up to a distance of 500 meters (1,640 feet),
• High power, ultra-directional floodlights for warning and localization,
• 12-tube launchers capable of firing several types of non-lethal munitions,
• Man-machine interface enabling a single operator to manage the situation and activate dissuasion devices, 
• Modular, distributed system architecture based on an IP network.

CS is the project's prime contractor and has worked with Lacroix Défense & Sécurité, DCI-NAVFCO, CESIGMA and the Complex Naval Systems (SNC) laboratory at the University of Toulon-Var.

The MWPS project is monitored by the DGA (French Ministry of Defense) and the CETMEF (Center for Technical Maritime and River Studies). In February 2008 it was accredited by the "Pôle Mer PACA" competitiveness cluster and subsidized by the General Office of Competitiveness of Industry and Services (DGCIS in French) via the unified interministerial fund and local municipalities, the PACA Regional Council, the Var Department General Council and the Toulon-Provence-Méditerranée urban community, under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Employment. 

In the second half of 2010, a demonstration version of this system will be installed in the "Grand Port Maritime" of Marseille, in the Fos s/Mer sector, as part of the SECMAR project concerning protection systems for goods, persons and installations in sensitive maritime areas. 

Eric Blanc-Garin, CEO of CS, concludes: “The MWPS is a system for protecting seaports, featuring modular rapid response capabilities and upgradeable surveillance and countermeasure functions. It is well suited for antiterrorism applications and is compatible with needs of the civil and military sectors in France and elsewhere. CS is delighted to have obtained technical and industrial approval for this system and wishes to thank all its institutional, academic and industrial partners”. 

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