CS attended Qt Developper Days 2009 in Munich (Germany) and San Francisco (US)

Qt is one of the fastest growing development frameworks in the world, with hundreds of thousands of developers. Leading companies such as AMD, Google, HP, Oracle, Samsung, Siemens, Lucas Film Entertainment Company Ltd. and The European Space Agency use Qt to deliver leading applications across platforms.

CS attended Qt Developper Days 2009 in Munich (Germany) and San Francisco (US)
CS is a major European software services and system integration company specialized in the design, integration and operation of mission critical systems for defense, space and security, aeronautics, transportation and energy industries. CS is an early adopter of Qt and started using this product in 1998 for its industrial projects.

Qt for Critical Visual Systems (Munich/San Francisco) 

In this session in Munich, Dr Olivier Balet, CS' Virtual Reality Technical Director, presented three critical systems that have been developed with CS Vertigo 3D toolkit and Nokia’s Qt. The first system is a landing and ground navigation assistance system for Airbus aircrafts. The second one is an air traffic control training centre that is used by the French defense to train controllers. Finally, the INSCAPE virtual storytelling application will be showcased. It deeply relies on the Qt libraries and represents one of the most advanced systems for intuitively creating simulation scenarios.

Eric Bouvier, CS' Virtual Reality Project Director, presented this case study in San Francisco on November, 3, 2009.

From the Classroom to Professional Working Life with Qt (Munich)

The Virtual Reality department at CS uses Qt framework for most of its projects. Its popularity has come to a point where no one wonders anymore what will be the main framework used for a new project, it is obvious that it will be Qt. According to Frédéric Lambert, CS' Virtual reality Engineer: "Qt software is the most advanced and easy-to-learn framework you can find". That is why he will show you how Qt got into his life at University, and what  his first impression was. Then we will hear about how having Qt in your resume can help you getting a job. To conclude, Frédéric Lambert presented what he has been working on lately, and showed you some examples of Qt uses at CS.

For more information on this event, please go to: http://qt.nokia.com/qtdevdays2009