CS has successfully developed and delivered PHUSION, the harmonized PLM collaborative platform for EADS extended enterprise

Through the alliance CenProCS, CS has designed, developed and integrated PHUSION, a secured collaborative platform to harmonize PLM exchange between EADS business divisions and their providers (eg. Original Equipment Manufacturer).

As part of EADS’ PHENIX(1) initiative and in the frame of the PLM Harmonization Center of EADS, PHUSION(2) is an innovative PLM global connection platform for collaboration between partners of EADS programs, managed by Amaury Soubeyran, EADS and Tobias Hesse, AIRBUS-CIMPA.
This platform is developed in synergy with the BoostAeroSpace platform in terms of interoperability open standards, security and re-use of some components. It features real-time collaboration sessions as well as PLM oriented data exchange capabilities promoting the use of open standards.
As integrator CS provides a highly-secured platform which enables the EADS BU’s and their suppliers, and to collaborate, in heterogeneous environments with high level of security and confidentiality, especially to meet defense security requirements.
The Business processes implemented are:
  • Co-review,
  • DMU visualization,
  • Data exchange,
  • Subscription process and change notification,
  • Document sharing.
Based on PTC’s PDM and ProStep’s PLM exchange solutions combined to portal Microsoft SharePoint, the PHUSION’s architecture is a “network based model” where collaboration processes and responsibilities are distributed through a shared orchestration, in a flexible and secure way to all levels of partners.
“PHUSION’s platform allows EADS to make a major stride towards harmonizing its PLM environment and improve concurrent engineering between its divisions by reducing time-to-market and increasing overall product quality”, said Jean-Yves Mondon, vice-president and head of PHENIX project, EADS.
The first pilot deployment of this platform has started with Astrium since this summer.
“CS is very proud to contribute to this major project and envisions a long-term partnership with EADS to provide a harmonized PLM environment to all willing divisions and entities”, says Laurent GIOVACHINI, CEO of CS-SI.
(1) PHenix Unified System for Interoperation Of the Industrial Network
 2) PLM Harmonization for ENhanced Integration and eXcellence: EADS cross-divisional program and a group-wide strategic initiative launched in 2007

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