CS is an active player in the field of Imagery Intelligence

Expertise in image processing and in-depth knowledge of the needs of defense forces make CS able to support Imagery Intelligence and military geography.

By combining its skills in a range of different domains, CS can rise to the challenges of its clients, in particular where geospatial data processing is concerned.

To respond to the needs expressed by industry players and institutional decision-makers, CS, one of the leading European processors of geophysical data, satellite images and, eventually, data from drones, integrates within the same system information from space observation technology, telecommunications, and collection and localization systems, enriched with the results of field surveys and weather data.

By positioning itself all along the chain, from sensor to applications, CS is able to respond optimally to all its clients’ needs: from preliminary studies for future instruments to operational tools, always taking account of interoperability and operational performance requirements.

In addition to image processing, CS plans and designs complete systems to assist with decision-making and mission preparation.

CS was thus project manager for the KHEPER system (production, qualification, management and distribution of geographical data from space imagery) for the Etablissement Géographique Interarmées (EGI).