CS, partner of the French Space Agency (CNES) for the ATV Jules Verne control center

On April 3, 2008, ATV, European ressuply and reboost cargo has successfully performed its docking with the International Space Station (ISS).

CS has been highly involved by the CNES for the ATV Control Center (ATV-CC) as well as for the preparation of flight operation including the docking.

Thanks to its 30 years experience in space programs and especially in SPOT, HELIOS, MYRIADE and PLEIADES missions, CS was prime contractor for the heart of the Control Center: Monitoring & Control. Located in Toulouse, the ATV-CC is in charge of ATV operations and associated means coordination.

Monitoring and Control is the main ATV-CC subsystem, in charge of exchanges between ground and the vehicle, from launching to desorbitation through the very critical and innovative stage of automatic docking of the ATV to the International Space Station. The system developed by CS receives and treats in real time more than 25,000 parameters from the ATV and the ISS. It delivers users friendly interfaces to operators in order to follow those parameters. The Monitoring & Control also gathers and sends all the remote commands transferred to the vehicle in order to complete its mission: maneuvers, configuration data for the changes in flight phases etc. This performance necessitated more than 15,000 days of designing and development.

CS was also a support to the CNES for subsystems integration as well as in mission planning and coordination of operations.

Furthermore, CS experts participated to the flight dynamics system by specifying, validating and making operational the component in charge of the ATV orbit and attitude.
More than 100 engineers have worked on this project and 50 during pick load, a team  (24h/24) has been formed to operate in launching or docking critical phases.

"We are proud to have contributed with the CNES to the ATV launching and its docking to the International Space Station. Thus CS strengthens its position of space partner" declared Eric Blanc-Garin, CEO of CS.

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