CS presents its expertise in the area of C4ISR

From November 11 to 15, 2007, CS will attend the 10th edition of the Dubai Airshow, held at the Airport Expo Dubai, Hall W700. Prime contractor for joint command and control systems allowing real time collection, exchange and display of the whole information data for military planning and operation, CS will present on this occasion the full coverage of its activities in the field of C4ISR (Control, Command, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance). Through its expertise, CS develops operational information and communication systems to meet the needs of strategic, tactical and operational command centres in charge of : • Joint Operation Centre - JOC, • Land Forces Operation Centre – LFOC, • Air Force and Air Defense Operation centre – AOC, • Navy Operation Centre – NOC, • Special Forces Operation Centre – SFOC, • Intelligence centre, • Logistics. These C4ISR systems must be integrated, interoperable, scalable, secured and flexible. For Dubai Airshow 2007, CS will propose a C4I system, especially intended for operational mission preparation in urban environment as well as a modular and transportable air defense operations centre for air control and command.