CS solution’s TRUSTYSIGN® certified under the Common Criteria EAL3+ level

In order to guarantee its customers with a high level of quality and maximum security, CS has completed the evaluation of TRUSTYSIGN CS®, its electronic signature product. This certification of the electronic signatures, encryption and decryption of data has been performed by the National Safety information systems (ANSSI), Common Criteria (ISO 15408), at the evaluation assurance level EAL3+.

TRUSTYSIGN® is a security product for electronic signature, verification and encryption/decryption of any type of document. Under the dematerialization process, this solution allows to shift from handwritten signature to the electronic signature with probative value. The customer can indicate his commitment or agreement, while guaranteeing the origin and integrity of signed documents. This solution also guarantees the confidentiality of the customer data by using encryption/decryption functionalities. CS clients include the French association of Notaries, for which CS designed the whole system to produce notarial deeds. 

“This certification gives our solution TRUSTYSIGN® a decisive advantage over our international competitors in the security and legal terms. This is essential in the development of applications and trusted services", said Eric Blanc-Garin, CEO of CS. 

About CS
Encryption and its implementation in networking equipment, non-repudiation of transactions, data confidentiality and interchange, secured application flows, rights management and authorizations - CS markets a full range of security application solutions (its Trustycom product suite). 

About Common Criteria certification
Applied and recognized throughout the world, Common Criteria (CC) certification guarantees that a software product complies with its own security specifications, or “security target”, which are made available to the public. In France, this certification is issued by the French Network and Information Security Agency (FNISA) after a product is evaluated by an independent, licensed information technology security evaluation facility (CESTI). The evaluation is based on rigorous testing of the product and an in-depth analysis of the product design, development methods and associated documents. The CC standard is used to evaluate the quality and reliability of security products. CC certification contributes to giving legal value to, and improving the security of, the electronic signature process. 

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