CS successfully brings into service in Dublin the first suburban Free Flow system in Europe

With the commissioning in Dublin, last August 30th, of the first Toll Free Flow in Europe, CS, the only provider in France of this kind of systems, once more shows its know-how and its technological lead in toll solutions.

BetEire Flow, a CS and Sanef shared subsidiary, deployed under the trade mark eFlow a Free Flow toll aiming to steady the flow of traffic and to reduce the toll ecological impact. This €113 million project was attributed by the National Road Authority (NRA) to BetEire in March 2007. 

CS made the conception and delivered a complete turnkey back-office system and toll infrastructure of: 
• two Free Flow Toll gantries at one toll point full lane, 2x4 lanes integrating a reading system of Tag and automatic detection of the license plate (OCR). 
• a back-office system composed of the management real-time of the toll gantries, ETC transactions (Electronic Toll Collection) and Toll based on automatic detection of the license plate, management of the subscribers, “Customer Care”, invoicing and follow-up of the unpaid users and Toll evaders. 

BetEire Flow will operate the system for 7 years with an extension option of 3 years. 
The recorded traffic averages 100,000 vehicles a day, with a majority of subscription (transponders purchased or license plate recorded via the call center). CS has issued more than 100,000 transponders to date. 
The setting-up of this Toll Free Flow has already allowed significant reduction in the chronic congestion of the west loop road of Dublin, and increased the infrastructure fluidity. 

“In a Transportation sector evolving everyday, CS establishes its technological leadership and positions itself as a major player for prospective projects deriving from the French Environment Conference (Grenelle de l’Environnement), as for instance the eco-tax, and especially the heavy goods vehicles tax.”, declares Eric Blanc-Garin, CS Chief Executive Officer.    

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