CS to upgrade Interbank Authorisation Network (ersb®)

The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) required GIE Cartes Bancaires to upgrade its Interbank Authorisation Network in order to make it more adaptable and capable of accepting different protocols, notably those of the European Payment Council, and of managing several communities of users.

Architect, integrator and prime contractor for the banks services network since 1999, CS has been responsible for the maintenance and functional upgrades ever since the network was brought into service in March 2004. CS will design and integrate the new software version for this high-performance secure network. 

The network currently manages more than 12 million interbank authorisations per day, on the busiest days, with a service rate of more than 99.999%. 

The new version will:
• Increase processing capacity in terms of numbers of transactions handled,
• Ensure interoperability of processing between different protocols and communities,
• Provide access to new services such as scoring, dynamic currency conversion, etc. 

This revamped system will be operational in the second half of 2010. 

"e-rsb, the interbank authorisation network, is a prime example of our expertise in mission critical systems. Upgrading this network means designing a system that meets the same demanding standards of reliability and seamless security in a more open and interoperable environment. We are delighted to assist GIE Cartes Bancaires in meeting this latest European challenge", said Eric Blanc-Garin, CS Chief Executive Officer.

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