CS will have the pleasure to welcome you on its booth 479 during the World ATM Congress in Madrid from March 6 to March 8 2018

Designer, integrator & operator of mission critical systems, CS will presents:
  • Its range of VCS – Voice Communication System dedicated to air traffic control, CSoiP. CSoIP is a range of modular and secure voice communication systems: a high-level integrated radio-telephone-intercom solution for operational security. The field proven IP technology normalized by the ED-137 standard has become a baseline requirement in the communication segment of the ATC industry. CSoIP operates in full adequacy with the ED-137 standard along with demanding quality standards. In parallel, it can be interfaced with non-IP legacy equipment still in operation in ATC centers by means of high performance gateway module. DSNA has selected the CS-Frequentis consortium to equip the 14 French Main Approach Centers with VCS.
  • Cybersecurity solutions :
- PRELUDE SIEM: a solution for the supervision of security events that makes it possible to anticipate vulnerabilities and detect incidents in real time. By centralizing the gathering and processing of information from different sources, PRELUDE provides a unified security overview of an information system that is heterogeneous by nature, thus improving response times and enhancing protection in case of cyberattacks.
- SEDUCS: a hardened operating system based on an open-source core, compatible with the main distributions and allows for industrialization of processes, reduction of production and maintenance costs, optimization of security maintenance capacities. SEDUCS is implemented in our ATC centers, ATM supervision and VCS
  • CS’ ability to design and deploy ATC centers and ATC training simulatorsand highly secure ground-air-ground communication infrastructures.
Within the SYSAT program, DSNA has selected CS simulator for the training of APP and TWR controllers in Paris CDG, Le Bourget and Orly (Saab-CS consortium).
  • BOREADES, an integrated system targeting illegal drones able to detect, identify, track and neutralize malicious drones as well as localize remote pilots.