Cofiroute entrusts CS with the renovation of its tolling system’s payment equipment

CS has been chosen by Cofiroute, a Vinci Group Company’s motorway networks provider, to design its interurban network and the A86 motorway new generation tolling system’s payment equipments.

This development will address Cofiroute’s issues regarding service quality to users continuous improvement and covers all payment schemes currently in operation: manual tolling, credit card payment, and Liber'T ETC. 

The supplied payment equipments will meet the requirements of eco-design, ergonomics, reliability and security (including data integrity and wholeness and compliance with new standards for credit cards processing) as well as tolling payment transaction speed. Therefore they will maintain the flow of traffic and enhance comfort for users thanks to new features such as travel time calculation (from tag subscribers data) and subscribers payment depending on real journey made. 

Thus CS provides to Cofiroute its expertise for design and provision of high innovative tolling systems open to future payment means changes. 

After successful Free-Flow systems deployments (without gantry, at high speed) in the United States (California and Virginia), Ireland (Dublin) and Canada (Vancouver), this new project confirms CS leadership and its capacity to propose the most sophisticated tolling systems including the latest technological advances in France.

“ We are proud Cofiroute is trusting us to complete this major project and we will make every effort to meet Cofiroute’s requirements with respect of quality and service to users’ reliability issues. ”, declares Eric Blanc-Garin, CEO of CS.

Cofiroute (1,918 employees) manages a 1205.5 kilometer network covering the Central-Western part of France (A10, A11, A28, A71, A81, A85 and Duplex A86 interstate toll roads). Since 1979, Cofiroute has been operating A19 motorway, Artenay-Courtenay (101 kilometers). Private-held company since its creation in 1970, Cofiroute has as stakeholders the Vinci Group (83.33%) and Colas (16.67%). Cofiroute is located in the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany. The company registers around 120 million transactions per year. 

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