In the field of voice and data communications, CS is well known for its expertise in the design and integration of secured communication infrastructures.

CS provides a wide range of services (deployment of networks, sensitive messaging, inter-level gateways, securing infrastructures, secure radiocommunications) and offers the following solutions:

CSoiP – Modular and secure voice communication systems: a high-level integrated radio-telephone-intercom solution for operational security.

Thanks to our expertise in VoiP, developed over almost 10 years, and our strong involvement in the elaboration of the new ED137 standards, we have used the SAF 3000 product to design CSoIP (Communication & Security over IP), the new full IP Voice Communication System that meets the current and future needs of air traffic controllers.
Leveraging our experience and expertise, CSoIP is an innovative product, compatible with the IP communication standard EUROCAE ED-137, offering an integrated high-level radio-telephone-intercom solution using IP architecture.
CSoIP can be integrated into existing installations and ensures optimum operation of communications for control centers by optimizing both resources and costs.

Tactical Data Links: technological leadership

Since its creation in 1996, DIGINEXT, a subsidiary of the CS group, has become a true center of excellence in the field of Tactical Data Links (L11, L11B, L16, JREAP, L22, VMF). A long-time preferential partner of the French armed forces, DIGINEXT has also become known among the international community and major industries as the essential supplier of systems dedicated to simulation, testing and training for tactical platforms and operators.

Voice Communication Systems

CSoIP for Communication and Security over IP is the Voice Communication System (VCS) solution designed, developed and provided by CS.

Tactical data links

Diginext, a subsidiary of the CS Group, confirms its technological leadership to respond to testing, training and operational systems requirements