Crisis management and area surveillance

In a world facing major challenges, it is now vital for companies and organizations to implement surveillance for their activities, their offices and their infrastructures and to put in place an effective alert system in case of incidents and to manage the crisis should it actually occur.

Area surveillance

Building on its ability to integrate sensors and effectors and to design control and command centers, CS can design and deploy sensitive area and site surveillance systems. CS combines its expertise and solutions to offer innovative end-to-end solutions: project management, complete surveillance systems for sensitive sites (sensors, effectors, C2), preparation of missions & collaborative training, operational crisis management, CS offers solutions for homeland security or major industrial groups.

MWPS Maritime Warning & Protection System: a critical area security system.
CS has implemented an operational center and a multi-sensor centralized system to protect critical restricted-access areas.
Deployed in particular in the Bay of Toulon, this system detects and automatically monitors suspicious vessels. Maritime surveillance is a major challenge for the protection of port areas in the framework of the fight against piracy and terrorism. Toulon is one of the first French naval ports to use a system of this type to respond to growing security needs.
CS leverages its capacity to implement operation command and integration centers for radar and optronic systems (processing, data merging and situation visualization).

In parallel with this C2 capacity, Diginext, a subsidiary of the Group, produces  Stradivarius, a HF transhorizon radar. A true technological breakthrough, this radar makes it possible to monitor an entire exclusive economic zone (EEZ).
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CS is also developing the first French integrated anti-illegal drone system, BOREADES. This responds to the need expressed by the SGDSN in the framework of the project funded by the ANR (Agence Nationale de la Recherche), namely:
  • Detecting drones;
  • Identifying and pursuing drones;
  • Neutralizing and recovering drones;
  • Locating remote pilots.

Crisis management

Crisis and intervention management systems combine the ability to command and control information. They make it possible to anticipate crises, to manage them, to prepare for their outcomes and to provide feedback to ensure progress is made. In the field of crisis management, CS has developed the CRIMSON system, which combines the latest simulation and virtual reality technologies. Its unified architecture offers a radically new integrated approach for preparing for and managing crises, training the various people involved in their resolution, ensuring command and control, and providing assistance with on-the-spot decision-making.

CRIMSON is an operational decision-making aid designed by and for security professionals, rescue services, and the police force. By sharing clear and customizable tactical views according to their level of intervention, CRIMSON allows command agents and agents from the different organizations involved to work together extremely efficiently.
Crisis Management Solutions (CRIMSON) is an information system designed to respond to critical situations, especially in urban environments:
  • Operational command and control,
  • Anticipation and preparation,
  • Decision-making,
  • Personnel training.
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POTOMAC: Flood and river level surveillance and alert system: POTOMAC is a complete range of innovative robust solutions making it possible to supervise and predict rises in water level, to alert the relevant agents and share information, and to manage tactical initiatives in times of crisis.