In a world transformed by the digital interaction revolution, companies want to leverage the opportunities offered by digital technology while responding effectively to cyberthreats.

CS is now the only French company with a complete range of high security solutions and products, entirely designed and developed in France. From consultancy to security maintenance and from secure infrastructure design to security governance, CS supports its clients along the entire value chain and deploys innovative solutions for the end-to-end protection of information systems and communication infrastructures.
  • Infrastructure security : encryption products and services, inter-level gateways, communications security.
CS designs and maintains highly secure communicating infrastructures. Thanks to the expertise of our teams and the development of innovative solutions, CS contributes to the resilience of systems and infrastructures.
  • Data security and security of paperless interactions: reliable services for authentication, certification, electronic signatures, storage, and probative value timestamping.
In the area of digital trust, CS offers security and trust solutions providing strong authentication, electronic signatures, encryption and storage with probative value via its TRUSTY range (EAL3+ Common Criteria certification). The TRUSTYBOX platform makes it possible to manage, from a single entry point, all or part of this range of solutions, be it in a local or remote environment. When integrated into HSMs (Hardware Security Modules), this solution meets the most stringent security requirements.
  • Security governance: security supervision (PRELUDE) & performance supervision (VIGILO).
CS responds to the challenges faced by governments and sensitive industries with PRELUDE, a solution for the supervision of security events that makes it possible to anticipate vulnerabilities and detect incidents in real time. By centralizing the gathering and processing of information from different sources, PRELUDE provides a unified security overview of an information system that is heterogeneous by nature, thus improving response times and enhancing protection in case of cyberattack. In addition to security supervision, CS offers a complete performance supervision solution, VIGILO, able to manage large-scale systems (networks and servers) thanks to its distributed and modular architecture.
CS is certified CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team), and supports its clients in the implementation of their security strategies and the maintenance of their security systems, ensuring resilience throughout their lifecycle.
In a hyper-connected society, CS offers tried and tested digital trust and anti-cybercrime solutions. In January 2015 CS was awarded the France Cybersecurity label for its TRUSTY and PRELUDE solutions.  This label not only provides an official endorsement of the quality and performance of these solutions; it also confirms our status as a major player in the field of cybersecurity.