Decision-making and command solutions

By bringing together its IS integration and communication skills, CS is able to roll out mission-critical systems for mission planning, training, and command and control, as well as providing feedback to improve operational performance.

Command and control centers

CS designs and integrates systems that make it possible to gather, exchange and visualize in real time all the information necessary for planning and controlling operations. We have all the necessary skills for the deployment of command and control centers.

Combining operational experience and in-depth knowledge of innovative technology, CS develops operational command and information systems that meet the needs of strategic, operational and tactical command centers. These systems are integrated, interoperable, secure, available and upgradeable. They optimize decision-making processes thanks to the implementation of centered network architectures. They make it possible to coordinate the various people involved in different types of operations.

This coordination capability is primarily of interest to the armed forces, but these centers can also be used in non-military settings for coordinating civilian security forces.

Our ability to design and integrate innovative command and control systems and to deploy tools for analysis, prediction, decision-making and training means that we are fully able to support operational staff as they carry out their missions.


Crisis management and area surveillance

In a world facing major challenges, it is now vital for companies and organizations to implement surveillance for their activities, their offices and their infrastructures and to put in place an effective alert system in case of incidents and to manage the crisis should it actually occur.

2D / 3D map-centered decision-making support system

By combining our skills in different fields of excellence, we are able to rise to the challenges of our clients, in particular as regards the relevant processing of geospatial information to help with decision-making.