Digital Trust

CS offers a complete suite of trusted services to meet the security requirements of intangible interactions for government institutions and companies, from secure workstations and data to ID and certifications.

Thanks to its expertise in cryptography and public-key infrastructures, CS is able to roll out tested and certified solutions (EAL3+ Common Criteria) featuring strong authentication, electronic signatures, encryption, date-stamping and probative-value archiving (TRUSTY™ product range). CS thus covers the entire dematerialization chain and positions itself as a key player committed to digital trust, a key challenge for administrations and companies developing e-services.

Making intangible interactions secure:
Non-physical documents are gradually replacing paper in interactions within companies and in their relations with administrative bodies. Dematerialization is a reality. Exchanges of digital files are vulnerable to all kinds of attack. A record must be kept of these exchanges and they must be proven to be trustworthy. CS combines its skills as an integrator of electronic document management (EDM) taking the document’s entire life cycle into account, with digital trust-related products and services (TRUSTY™) to ensure the security and integrity of data and exchanges. CS thus covers the entire dematerialization chain.

The CS trust platform is designed to offer efficient services to the Client IS in order to meet the strong security requirements for processed data.

These requirements relate to:
  • the characteristics of the data in terms of non-repudiation, confidentiality and continuity,
  • the probative value of data sometimes used as electronic evidence in case of legal action or dispute.