Digital continuity : simulation & PLM

Combined CS expertise in multi-physics simulation, PLM and 3D visualization allows us to implement collaborative engineering management solutions throughout the product’s lifecycle and to speed up production processes.

From the digital model to the end of the product’s lifecycle, digital modeling is a key innovative element making it possible to precisely define and simulate a product and to test and optimize manufacturing processes within a global collaborative environment. The digital model becomes the single reference for the product, combining simulation and design engineering.

To accelerate the innovation cycle, CS helps its clients to adapt CAD-generated geometry to simulation models and adds PLM tools, thus making it possible to build configuration management databases. This system allows engineers to merge phases that used to be chronologically distinct—design, industrialization, manufacturing, fine-tuning, and sales, support and maintenance—to manage the product’s entire lifecycle.
Digital continuity : simulation & PLM

Product Lifecycle Management

To manage the entire product lifecycle from design through technical documentation to maintenance while keeping within production constraints, CS offers its clients a number of solutions.