EDF selects CS for the simulation of nuclear power plant operation:

The Centre d’Ingénierie et de Production Nucléaire/Engineering and Nuclear Production Center has confided entrusted the MISTRAL project to CS.
For the Service d’Etude des Projets et Thermiques Nucleaires/Project Design and Nuclear Power Department.
CS is participating in the integration of system modules on the SULTANE platform.

EDF, the French national electric company, is preoccupied with safety and performance issues of nuclear plants in service in order to guarantee the control of nuclear risks. EDF is relying on CS's integration skills in the design of specialized simulators.

The first project involves the renovation of the specialized simulators that mimic all the main sub-units of a PWR (pressurized water reactor) power plant. They are used by EDF operators to learn how to run key plant components (the reactor itself, volumetric and chemical control circuit, turbine generator, etc.). The aim of the current project is the total replacement of simulators on all EDF nuclear production sites. In particular, it involves the manufacturing of the prototype called MISTRAL - Module d'Interface Spécialisable Temps Réel Adaptable en Ligne/Specialized, Real Time on-line Adaptable Interface Module.

The second project focuses on configuring simulators to help perform risk analyses covering the operation of all EDF PWR plants in normal conditions and during accidents, and of the CP0 plant at the EPR (European Pressurized Reactor). This work primarily involves integration in the new simulation environment of EDF/SEPTEN: SULTANE (Suite Logicielle pour les Transitoires Accidentels et Normaux en Etudes/Software package for simulated accidental and normal transients).

These projects require the full understanding of nuclear power plant operation.

"These new experiences, the results of CS's already-established nuclear simulation know-how, strengthen CS's penetration in the steadily growing energy sector, accounting for almost 10% of the Group's business", stated Eric Blanc-Garin, General Manager of CS.

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