Embedded Software

CS has long-standing experience in high-tech industries with high standards of performance and reliability.

Embedded Software
Embedded software makes it possible to operate a machine fitted with one or more microprocessors, so that it can carry out a specific task with limited human intervention. It covers three major functionalities:
  • Processing relating to machine operation.
  • Communication with another processor (Machine to Machine).
  • Communication with humans
Embedded systems are becoming more and more widespread: they are to be found in aeronautics, cars, energy, mobile telephony, etc. Defining requirements, specifications, development, integration, certification, testbench management, alarms, command & control, communication… CS systems are all qualified and secure and meet the strictest security and safety standards (EN 50128, ISO 26262, IEC 61505, MIL-STD-498, DO-178B/C, ECSS E40).

Combining its capacity to innovate and integrate with the expertise of its service centers, CS is a privileged partner of large industrial groups in Europe and North America.