Reducing costs and dependency, standardizing solutions, improving security…freeware offers information systems a host of advantages.

For many years CS has been committed to developing and integrating Open Source solutions.

CS has been involved for a long time in defense and security for administrations and major industries, and has deployed many systems and critical applications based on freeware for clients including the French Defense and Agriculture Ministries, the Caisse d'Épargne and the BNP [major banks], the CNES [Space Research Center], the IRSN [Nuclear Security Institute] and the CEA [Atomic Research Center].

Open Source solutions are increasingly mature, and the CS offering covers the entire information system with open-source alternatives for each component:
  • collaborative infrastructure
  • security
  • operation
  • development & integration.
Our promise:
  • to only offer open-source when it meets a real need
  • to stringently check each software solution we propose
  • to maintain and support all software solutions
  • to document and share each modification with the community, subject to client authorization.
As partner of Blackduck Software, global supplier of solutions for the controlled re-use of software components, CS also carries out audits.

CS offers freeware solutions in a range of fields:

  • Orekit, a cuttng-edge tool using the latest physical models. Orekit is a library of basic “turnkey” space mechanics components (orbits, dates, attitudes, references).
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  • Vigilo, a complete supervision solution able to manage large-scale systems (networks and servers) thanks to its distributed and modular architecture. Built around Nagios, Vigilo also processes metrology and event correlation.
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  • Prelude SIEM, a security information and event management solution acquired by CS in January 2012. It is the only European security information and event management (SIEM) solution based on an open-source core. Modular and customizable, Prelude uses the IDMEF standard and is a secure solution for effective operational supervision of the security of information and communication systems.
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  • SEDUCS, a hardened operating system based on an open-source core, is compatible with principal distributions (Red Hat, Suse, Debian, Gentoo, etc.) and allows:
> Industrialization of processes
> Reduction of production and maintenance costs
> Optimization of security maintenance capacities
  • Orfeo ToolBox, an image processing library oriented towards remote detection, initiated by the CNES in the framework of the Pléiades and Cosmo-Skymed programs. CS has been developing Orfeo Toolbox since 2005 in collaboration with the CNES teams, taking part in decision-making, supporting and running user communities, and carrying out server maintenance.
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CS is a member of the steering committee of the Groupe Thématique Logiciel Libre [Freeware Group] at the Systematic competitiveness cluster and promotes the development of innovative industrial tools in close connection with the world of education and research.