French defense procurement agency, DGA, chooses CS as prime contractor for the Kheper system in a deal worth €21 M before tax

System for the production, qualification, management and distribution of geographic data obtained by space-based imaging

To prepare and conduct military operations, it is vital for armed forces to be able to rely on a pertinent, shared mapping system in order to make joint assessments of operational situations. To cater for this need, a digital geographic and 3D data programme known as DNG3D (Données Numériques Géographiques et 3 Dimensions) has been designed to set up a system to process digital geographic data supplied by civilian and military space-based observation sensors. DGA, the French weapon procurement agency, has appointed CS prime contractor for the Kheper section of this programme.

The Kheper system will supplement the industrial data production tools, "GéoBase Défense" and "TopoBase Défense", to provide more responsive additional production capability for the joint forces geographic information system, EGI (Etablissement Géographique Interarmées). The system will make it possible to complement, transform or requalify defense data assets according to the specific requirements and timing of each military operation. The responsive adaptability required in this context calls for efficient decision aids in order to assess the pertinence of available data and to optimise the management of imaging opportunities from about 20 different satellites. This responsiveness is also supported by perfect mastery of data handling processes. The Kheper system will also act as a defense specific geo-library with high-volume storage capacities for the quick duplication of data and its transmission to both French and allied armed forces.

The proposed system is open-ended, interoperable, and easy to configure, making it easier for operational staff to learn how to use and optimising its operational security. It will feature three security levels for Internet, intranet and Intradef.

At the end of the deployment phase, CS will provide maintenance services for an initial period of six years.

As architect, integrator and prime contractor for the Kheper project, CS has chosen to collaborate with the following companies: Magellium, Générale d'Infographie and Géo 212, as well as with the French geographic institute, IGN.

Kheper will provide France's defense with the means to modernise its geographic data production capabilities and ensure interoperability of the various weapon and information systems used in multi-national theatres of operations.

"CS's success with this project illustrates the group's determination to focus its competencies in the fields of space and image processing technologies in accordance with the strategy set out in the "Livre Blanc" (defense review) which gives priority to both the space segment and intelligence for the deployment of knowledge and forecast based functions," says CS Chief Executive Officer Eric Blanc-Garin.

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